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“When are you coming to UTC?” is a question we were asked daily. You asked, and we delivered. Our University City location is just on the other side of the 5 from La Jolla and north of Clairemont’s San Clemente Canyon. This isn’t just another boot camp or neighborhood gym. As one of the top group training gyms in the La Jolla area, Renegade offers our well-known and effective full-body workouts for muscle development, building strength, and weight loss in your workouts. From the start of class to the final rep, our group fitness classes will help you build lean muscle and lose weight – all while our high-intensity fitness program challenges you to build up your workout routine, whether you’re a relaxed gym-goer or a high-level athlete. Take advantage of strength training and conditioning at your own pace with our group fitness offerings. We’ve helped everyone from the stay-at-home mom to the Olympic athlete take their workouts to the next level. 92122, it’s time to end the search for the perfect “gym near me” and get Renegade Ready.

How to Purchase and Book

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