Can I leave my kids, pets, or other items in the lobby?

We love kids, pets, and your stuff, but we, unfortunately, can’t be liable for anything left in our lobby area. We do not offer child or pet services at this time. We adore kids, but a supervising adult must accompany all children at all times.

How often should I go?

We recommend 4 classes per week as a goal number, with 3 classes per week at a minimum if you’re hoping to see results. Because our program consists of Monday-Thursday as our strength/muscle building days, 4 classes will ensure you cover the entire spread of muscled building and fat burning. Listen to your body and… Continue reading How often should I go?

How to Purchase and Book

Download our App on Android and Apple. This allows you to control bookings, purchase your monthly membership and more.

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Visit our Website to Purchase a Monthly, Reserve Classes, and read more about the Trainers.

Call Us at 619-677-1861 and we can set you up over the phone.
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