What is Renegade/Black Flag?

Renegade Fitcamp is a step up from traditional workouts geared towards building muscle, shedding fat, correcting movement patterns, and enhancing performance. Started in San Diego, CA in 2017, the Renegade community was created to bring athletic level training to every walk of life, ensuring every workout satisfies all goals including increased strength, building muscle, moving… Continue reading What is Renegade/Black Flag?

What is the METCON marker?

Every Friday is Full Body METCON, we will always have a challenge or “Marker” for you to hit and this is used to check your progress. You will notice an improvement in your strength, speed, and agility and these Friday markers are for you and you only to check-in with yourself. We highly recommend a… Continue reading What is the METCON marker?

Why do you switch muscle groups?

Switching up your workout and muscle groups is one of the fastest ways to build muscle and see results across the body as a whole – not just in one area. We change our muscle group focuses every 10 weeks. This prevents plateau, always keeps the system feeling fresh, and, most importantly promotes consistent positive… Continue reading Why do you switch muscle groups?

What options do I have for taking classes?

You have two options: class packages or 30-day memberships, depending on the kind of relationship you’ll have with Renegade. The more you plan to come in, the better the savings.

How to Purchase and Book

Download our App on Android and Apple. This allows you to control bookings, purchase your monthly membership and more.

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Visit our Website to Purchase a Monthly, Reserve Classes, and read more about the Trainers.

Call Us at 619-677-1861 and we can set you up over the phone.
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