What is Renegade/Black Flag?

Renegade Fitcamp is a step up from traditional workouts geared towards building muscle, shedding fat, correcting movement patterns, and enhancing performance. Started in San Diego, CA in 2017, the Renegade community was created to bring athletic level training to every walk of life, ensuring every workout satisfies all goals including increased strength, building muscle, moving correctly and without pain, enhancing performance, and ultimately to make each member feel like athletes, always earning victories inside the studio. Renegade is held in a surround sound-filled exotic atmosphere. The classes are split into three stations: Conditioning (assault air runner treadmills/assault bikes), Racks (resistance station 1), and Turf (resistance station 2 + core).

Beginner or in great shape? Is this the right workout for you?

Yes. Welcome to the family! Our workouts are designed to make you better as you build muscle/lose weight at your own pace. Not only will we condition every element of your body, but you will also learn terminology, strategies, systems, and structures that will be instilled in you forever. During your first visit, we will walk you through the stations. At every visit, our coaches are trained to support all levels of fitness in class.

If it’s your first time, showing up 15 minutes early is a must as it will bring about the greatest result and positive experience!

What are Air Runners? Do I have to be a great runner?

Using an Air Runner is the best way to run naturally. They are self-propelled so that you can speed up and slow down instantly, all controlled by YOU, the athlete. The Air Runner is one of the best treadmills in the fitness industry. It was designed to correct movement and enhance true running potential. You control the speed physically vs pressing buttons. Renegades will burn at least 30% more calories, and your hamstrings and butt will be activated on an entire elevated level. Our Renegade coaches are trained to ensure you get every ounce of positive feedback from these treadmills, and they will be there for you through the entire process.

Is it an intimidating or competitive environment?

At Renegade, the only competition is with yourself. We do not display your calories or speed in class on a big screen. Our group workout is safe and inclusive for all body types and abilities. If you are limited in movement, our Renegade Coaches can always provide modifications. Please let your Coach know during class and they will be able to assist.

What is the METCON marker?

Every Friday is Full Body METCON, we will always have a challenge or “Marker” for you to hit and this is used to check your progress. You will notice an improvement in your strength, speed, and agility and these Friday markers are for you and you only to check-in with yourself. We highly recommend a journal or Notes on your phone to track your progress.

How many calories can I actually burn?

The average burn in a Renegade class is 700-1000 calories. This depends on your height and weight, in addition to a lot of other factors. If you push hard, you burn more. Taking it easy that day? You will burn fewer than 700, but don’t get completely caught up in the “calorie” debate. Our workouts are designed to ensure that calories are burning from your body’s right areas as not all calories are the same! Don’t worry, we do this for you in our thorough programming and set up…all you have to do is be consistent and work hard!

Why do you switch muscle groups?

Switching up your workout and muscle groups is one of the fastest ways to build muscle and see results across the body as a whole – not just in one area. We change our muscle group focuses every 10 weeks. This prevents plateau, always keeps the system feeling fresh, and, most importantly promotes consistent positive response.

What options do I have for taking classes?

You have two options: class packages or 30-day memberships, depending on the kind of relationship you’ll have with Renegade. The more you plan to come in, the better the savings.