What if I need to freeze or cancel my membership?

Membership adjustment requests must be emailed to at least seven days before your next payment date. Please note that we typically respond to all emails within 24 hours.

What are your Membership options?

Our unlimited membership pricing is $139 per month for unlimited all-location access. For select studios, we also offer single-location memberships at $129. Please head to the location tab, select the location and view the pricing options. Our memberships are a month-to-month recurring agreement, allowing you to cancel any time. Please note we do require a… Continue reading What are your Membership options?

Do you offer towels?

Towels are mandatory to attend every class. Unfortunately, we do not offer towels and ask that you bring your own.

Do you offer water?

Every location has a water fountain. However, we ask that you come with a bottle as we do not currently sell water.

Do you have a place to put my things?

We have cubbies or lockers in the studio of each facility to store your items.

Does Renegade have parking?

We currently offer parking options at all locations. Please allow 5-10 additional minutes to find street parking in the event our parking lots are full.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer new members FREE 3-classes that expires in 7 days.

What makes Renegade different?

Renegade is not a boot camp. Our workout’s success is not based only on calories or generic movement. While the calorie is important, we ensure resistance training is at the forefront of our workouts. We are a “muscle first” gym but do understand the significance of cardiovascular activity, which is why we use Assault Fitness… Continue reading What makes Renegade different?

What is Renegade?

Renegade is the ultimate group strength and conditioning workout in fitness. We strive to create an exercise based on physiological/anatomical science and foundational principles of strength training while immersed in an intimate environment with top-level sound, lighting, and equipment.

Why does it ask for a Credit Card when signing up for a FREE trial?

We require a CC to be stored on file to verify idenity and enforce our $15 8-hour late-cancel and no-show fee policy.






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