Today’s Mindset

Today’s Mindset

In today’s physical activity mindset, everything is based around the calorie and how many can be burned within an hour. Successful workouts are based off a numerical value. While this is important, it is not the most important, nor is it the only critical component. The new theory is that quantity of movement is placed over quality of movement. Confusing general movement with correct movement is a huge mistake.

Science proves that range of motion, isolation, tempo, sequence of lifts, and proper mechanics of movement is what initiates muscular response. These represent ingredients to quality movement. Better quality results in superior body transformation and injury prevention. When moving correctly, the results include an increase in lean muscle, enhanced fat depletion, elevation of metabolism, correction of muscle imbalances, improvements in strength and conditioning, postural distortion correction, and prevention of injury. It does not have to be one or the other, and this is where our program surpasses the rest. We bring the total package back to fitness. We strive to build lean body mass and minimize body fat. We strive to make the client perform at a higher level. We strive to build a better you in every realm of fitness and health. With our unique individualized floor plan and operation, Renegade brings a more personalized feel to group training, without compromising the energy and excitement that makes these workouts thrive.

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