Renegade Philosophy

Renegade FITcamp is not your mainstream group-training workout. We are not a bootcamp, not crossfit, nor are we a traditional circuit training operation. Collaborating all types of fitness, forms of movements, progressions, and training splits, our workout is strategically designed to provide the ultimate strength, conditioning, and body transformation experience. From conventional treadmills, dumbbells, kettlebells, and body weight exercises to less conventional forms of exercise including air bikes, battleropes, and TRX body weight suspension trainers. Renegade offers workouts that will burn ample calories, but most importantly give each muscle enough focus to ignite a response. Regardless if the goal is to build muscle, drop body fat, loose weight, improve performance, or just to complete a killer workout, what we do here at Renegade will get you there. Our system is applicable to every style of fitness and is designed to welcome all levels of individual.

Every workout is NOT a full body workout. Unlike other workouts that preach caloric burn and elevated heart rate as the main ingredients to success, Renegade’s system elevates maximal muscle stimulus in addition to the caloric burn experience. Science proves that calories can be burned from undesired sources within the body, especially when an exercise program constantly overstresses regions without adequate rest and recovery. Full body workouts are amazing and should be part of a successful program, but should not be executed day after day, nor should they be the only element. This action results in failure of muscles to fully recover prior to re-activation and inhibits joints from being adequately rested, often times resulting in technical compromise, postural compensation, and/or chronic injury. The list goes on from there. This format never allows an individual to reach maximal potential with body composition change or reach many strength and conditioning goals. Renegade presents a program built specifically to combat this occurrence and deliver more than just calorie burn. Our equation is simple: Combine three modes of physical activity (overload, compound, and performance) to condition all realms of the human body. These three modes will make each energy system active, generating the ultimate physique, conditioning, and metabolic rate.

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