Meet Renegade

San Diego’s Legit Workout Facility

Renegade Fit Camp is far more than a world-class workout club. We’re a wellness brand that exists for one purpose: to enhance and improve your lifestyle. Reap the benefits of a unique, all-encompassing member experience set in an environment that is modern, positive, clean, and 100% geared toward your total wellness. Accelerate your fitness goals in a facility that brings you state-of-the-art equipment, the hottest music, motivating instructors, superb ventilation, a comfortable atmosphere, and amazing lighting. It’s all part of the complete experience you’ve been searching for in a legit workout facility – and it’s all here at Renegade.

From Group Classes to Personal Training in San Diego

Our workout routines focus on different muscle groups each day and incorporate an array of effective techniques, proven regimens, and advanced machines and equipment all at your disposal. Our instructors are retained only after proving that they hold credentials matching the highest industry standards; they are experts in motivating our members and leading them towards their personal fitness goals in personalized ways. There are no cookie-cutter workouts at Renegade because they don’t work for everyone – modification is always an option.

Each and every staff member encourages healthy habits and inspired living for our members at any fitness level in any activity here. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the RACK to work shoulders and legs using foundational movements and explosive power sequences or you’re working the assault bikes, kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, treadmills, resistance bands, the battle ropes, or anything else here at Renegade Fit Camp, you’re going to feel the difference when you stand out as one of our own!

Awaken the Renegade in You

Whether your favorite gig involves calisthenics or our Super Pump, conventional weight training or unique full body routines, you’re going to increase your metabolism, achieve complete muscle activation, enhance cardiovascular conditioning, trim and sculpt your body, and feel better than you ever have before – so get ready for the ultimate fitness complex in San Diego and everything we have to offer.

Give the renegade in you the chance to change your life with Renegade Fit Camp. With challenging classes that incorporate innovative industry techniques, personal trainers who live to see you succeed, and more than 1,800 square feet of intense, luxury fitness space designed for you, you can’t lose when you set your inner Renegade to work. Don’t wait another day – call 619-677-1861 for a 3-day pass today or contact us to register.

How to Purchase and Book

Download our App on Android and Apple. This allows you to control bookings, purchase your monthly membership and more.

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Visit our Website to Purchase a Monthly, Reserve Classes, and read more about the Trainers.

Call Us at 619-677-1861 and we can set you up over the phone.
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