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Problem in Current Market


    Big Box Gyms Leave You Feeling Disconnected


    Lack of Results From Other Regimens


    No Cool, Accessible Group Fitness in San Diego


    "The Other Guys" Make Weights Intimidating


    Group Fitness Options in San Diego are Too Expensive

  • Renegade Fitcamp is Different
    Accessible Class Sizes
  • Motivated, Welcoming Members
  • Friendly, Experienced Staff
  • Scalability for all Fitness Levels
  • Real, Measurable Results
  • Affordable Packages

About Method

Renegade is a California Group Fitness Gym that focuses on muscle building and improved overall fitness via weight training and equipment. Unlike other gyms that place a heavy emphasis on cardio and aerobics, Renegade uses proven science to help its members reach their fitness goals quickly and safely.

  • Burnfat

    Most boot camps burn calories in a way that results in muscle loss. We focus less on calorie burn and more on muscle build.

  • Reduce Injury

    Doing Olympic lifting increases your risk for injury. We focus on form and proper tracking to decrease chances of injury.

  • All results

    Looking to gain muscle tone or lose weight? Our workouts can hit any goal or intensity desired. Our coaches give one-on-one time to understand member needs and make sure they are getting the most from their membership.

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