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Shoulders, one of the most resilient and consistently used muscle of the entire kinetic chain. The shoulders are endurance muscles and can take a great deal of stress before significant aesthetic change will occur. We ensure all regions of the shoulder will be targeted to create proportionate strength and shape. Pairing this muscle up to another consistently activated and dominant muscle of the arms, the triceps, makes a great systematic workout without any overlap of muscle conditioning. This pairing will guarantee you to leave the facility with endorphins at an elevated level!

All abdominal muscles will be targeted to ensure the core system is trained in a well balanced and systematic fashion.


Structure: 15 minutes per station

Station 1: Cardio

Treadmills and Assault Bikes

Station 2: Racks

Dumbbells, Suspension trainers, Pull Up Bars, and Benches

Station 3: Turf

Kettlebells, Battleropes, Glider Discs, and Calisthenics


15 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning focusing on High Intensity Interval Training, the ultimate metabolic spike and caloric burn. This training technique activates the ATP and Glycolytic energy pathways, using carbohydrates as the main fuel source during movement

30 minutes of pure strength, muscle development, and core training