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The two largest and very powerful muscles of the body are combined to kick start your week! Back and legs are monster muscles and when systematically conditioned together, this workout delivers the ultimate caloric burn, muscle pump, and fat depleting experience. We ensure that each portion of both the legs and back will be targeted proportionally and adequately.
Integrating strength and conditioning techniques from performance enhancement and bodybuilding, this workout will be part of your weekly workout routine.


Structure: 15 minutes per station

Station 1: Cardio

Treadmills and Assault Bikes

Station 2: Racks

Dumbbells, Suspension trainers, Pull Up Bars, and Benches

Station 3: Turf

Kettlebells, Battleropes, Glider Discs, and Calisthenics


15 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning focusing on Endurance, activating the oxidative energy system of the body. Endurance training is not to be labeled inferior to H.I.I.T. because it is equally important, exercising an entire type of caloric burn.

30 minutes of pure strength, muscle development, and core training