The Workout

Renegade brings an individualized three-piece system, including Precor 56i treadmills, assault (air) bikes, battleropes, free weights, TRX, and other functional training tools to ensure the body is worked from all angles. Techniques from bodybuilding, performance/sport enhancement, functional mobility, strength and conditioning, bootcamp, and crossfit are blended together to create the ultimate workout. Each session in its entirety is 60 minutes in duration, with each group accomplishing 16 minutes at a given station prior to moving onward. Following the completion of each station, there is a 1-2 minute transition/rest period (depending on mode), equaling 60 total minutes. Included is a 6-minute dynamic warm up and assessment period, which consists of callisthenic movements incorporating the targeted muscles for the specific day. This allows each coach to observe movement patterns and implement mechanical corrections prior to the onset of the session if needed. The modes of each workout are built around the Racks (resistance training station). Overload, Compound, and Performance represent the modes of workouts, dictating the duration and frequency of each station. This operation ensures adaptation never occurs by constantly challenging the body with variations in allotted time.

The Rack is a critical component to our program. Each member has their own rack, private full selection of dumbbells/kettlebells, personal TRX, individual fully adjustable Bodymaster step bench, pull up bar, and resistance bands. The Rack always houses two blocks (separate series of movements to engage both muscles equally), but may be placed together or apart, depending on the mode of workout. The cardio component is tailored to both the targeted muscles and mode of workout, but remains a mystery until class begins. Some may focus on HIIT (interval training), others may shift towards the LISS (low intensity steady state; endurance) side of the spectrum, and many will include a hybrid of both.

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