Can I move my reservation?

If you are outside the 8-hour cancellation window, you can Early Cancel and rebook. If you need to move your booking — but there are less than 8 hours until your scheduled class — that’s considered a Late cancellation, and the above Late Cancel policy would apply.

What if I’m there close to class start or late to class?

Our classes are very involved, and we demonstrate each movement, cadence, commands, structures, safety precautions, expectations, and other details before the start of each class. We want to make sure you have fun and are safe at the same time.

We ask you to show up 10 minutes before the scheduled start time but absolutely no later than the actual scheduled start time. This will allow you to get in position and ready to workout. If you are more than 2 minutes late to a class, we will ask you to wait for the next one to start.

What if I miss a scheduled class?

Unlimited Members: If you book a class and fail to attend, our system will automatically charge you a $15.00 Absent fee.

Class Pack: If you book a class using a class pack and fail to attend, you will be automatically charged a $15.00 Absent fee, and your class credit will remain on your Renegade account.

What is your cancellation policy?

We know our Renegades like to plan, so booking before a class is a must! If you need to cancel class, all we ask is for 8 hours prior notice. This cancellation allows us to make sure another member gets to take a class. Anything canceled less than 8 hours before class time is considered a Late Cancellation, and our system will charge a $15.00 Late Cancel fee.

Should I start on Air Runner, Turf, or Rack?

The choice is yours! There are so many positives and differences in starting positions. Either way, you will complete all 3! This goes back to the concept of changing the muscles focus every 10 weeks. It’s the same here as you don’t always want to start in the same position because your body will adapt, and results become harder to attain. We recommend changing the starting positions every 2 weeks for optimum response and results. All in all, get ready for some fun!

How do I book?

We do recommend booking ahead of time, as classes fill pretty fast. You can book online at or the location of your choice. You will see a schedule with class times and the coach for your chosen class. You can also book using our mobile app, which is in all major app stores.